Discover Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City, Utah is a vibrant city located in the United States at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. It is home to a rich history, friendly locals and a myriad of outdoor activities. With easy access to ski resorts and national parks, there are plenty of things to keep visitors busy year-round.

The centerpiece of Salt Lake City's downtown area is Temple Square, where visitors can explore world-famous architecture including two magnificent spires that rise above the skyline. In addition to its religious significance for members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints, it also offers cultural events such as concerts and lectures open to all faiths and beliefs.

A popular recreation site for locals and tourists alike is Red Butte Garden & Arboretum - one hundred acres filled with educational exhibits about plants from all over the globe as well as hiking trails that provide stunning views from higher elevations onsite.

Salt Lake City also offers culinary delights such as beers brewed in local pubs and restaurants serving up regional flavors like Navajo tacos or green chile steak nachos while art galleries showcase works by emerging local artists throughout multiple neighborhoods in town. No matter what travelers are interested in exploring during their stay - outdoor sports, art & culture or simply enjoying some great food - they'll find it here!