Visit Vermont

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The Green Mountain State of Vermont is a popular place to visit for its majestic mountain ranges, beautiful rolling hills, and abundance of outdoor activities. Tourists can experience the year round beauty by visiting the state's various ski resorts and charming small towns nestled in the valleys. From Lake Champlain to rural farmscapes, visitors are sure to be delighted with Vermont's picturesque landscape.

One must-see attraction that should not be missed is Rocking Horse Bakery & Cafe in Burlington. Here you can try delicious baked goods and have lunch on their peaceful patio over looking Lake Champlain with views of the Adirondacks. Another great spot for tourists is Mount Mansfield, located in Stowe which features hiking trails, mountain biking paths and spectacular views from its 4393 ft summit - making it the highest peak in Vermont!

Vermont has a rich history that dates back to 1609 when Samuel De Champlain sailed down Lake Champlain and named it "les Vert Monts" - translated as "green mountains" which became known as Vermont today. The Green Mountain State was also home to two presidents: Chester A Arthur was born here as well as Calvin Coolidge who also spent most of his life here once he left office!