Discover Jizzakh

179.2 thousand

Jizzakh is a city in the country of Uzbekistan and is located on the banks of the Zarafshon River. With a population of over 190,000 people, it serves as a major cultural hub for the region. It's known for its rich history that dates back to antiquity and has been ruled by different cultures throughout its history. Jizzax is also home to several notable monuments including the ancient city walls, and architectural sites such as Khazrati Imam Mosque, Juma Mosque and Kalta Minor minaret.

For visitors there is plenty to do and see in this fascinating city. Take an informative guided tour around some of the oldest parts of town or spend an evening exploring more modern attractions such as local eateries, bazaars and squares full of vibrant culture. A must-see destination while visiting Jizzakh are Amir Temur square which features impressive Islamic architecture and Mustaqillik Square which contains monuments from Soviet rule - both offering stunning views across Jizzakh's unique skyline at night time. You can also take a boat ride down Zarafshan river for beautiful sunsets over the city or get lost in their many parks filled with diverse flora & fauna - making it perfect for nature lovers!