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Vanuatu vatu (VT)

Welcome to the stunning tropical paradise of Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific Ocean! This archipelago of 83 islands is a popular destination for tourists looking for a unique holiday experience.

Vanuatu's beautiful white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters attract visitors from all over the world. But there's much more to discover on these islands than just the beach! As you explore, you'll find vibrant local markets, amazing local cuisine, and breathtakingly diverse culture.

Vanuatu is that it has the highest concentration of active volcanoes of any country in the world. In fact, several of its islands are formed by volcanoes such as Ambrym Island, an active volcano that reaches up to 2,300 metres high!

When visiting Vanuatu, don't miss some of its major attractions such as Millenium Cave - the largest cave system in the region - or the Ekasup Cultural Village, where you can learn about traditional ceremonies and rituals practiced by the locals. For a unique experience, try sailing through bluewater lakes and rivers in a traditional outrigger canoe.

And if you're looking for something truly off the beaten path, why not explore one of Vanuatu's hidden gems like Champagne Beach? This stunning lagoon with its pink sands will leave you feeling completely mesmerized.

Popular Regions

Malampa, Penama, Sanma, Shefa, Tafea, Torba