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Arabic, Berber
Mauritanian Ouguiya

Think you've seen it all? Think again! The Western Sahara is a fascinating destination with plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Located in the northwest African continent, this area was formerly a Spanish colony before gaining its independence in 1976. Today, the region is divided between the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (recognized by the UN) and Morocco (not yet recognized). While it's still disputed, that hasn't kept adventurous travelers from exploring its unique deserts, coasts, and coastline regions.

An interesting fact about the Western Sahara is that on the east coast, near Dakhla Lagoon, lies a goat hair fishing line used since centuries ago by local fishermen to catch fish. It's only visible during exceptionally low tides.

The major points of interest include Laayoune and Boujdour which are two of the largest cities in the area, offering great sightseeing opportunities. In addition, there are several desert oases like Mirleft or M’hirig Oasis where you can take a dip in traditional Berber swimming pools. For those looking for more intense experiences, check out the sand dunes of Merzouga or long hikes at Erg Chebbi.

If you want an even more off-the-beaten track experience, consider spending some time in Smara - often referred to as “the forgotten city” due to its remote location and lack of tourists - or have a camel ride through the stunning landscape of Guelta Zemmur.

No matter what you choose, the Western Sahara is sure to surprise you with its stunning beauty, fascinating culture and unique experiences. What are you waiting for? Make plans to explore this incredible region today!

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