Visit Tihama Region

Ad Dahi

The Tihama region of Yemen is a coastal plain located in the southwestern corner of the country. It has a hot, humid climate with temperatures that often exceed 50 degrees Celsius, and it is home to more than 4 million people. The region has some beautiful beaches which are perfect for relaxing and swimming. Tourists can also visit the historic city of Al-Mukha, where they can marvel at its ancient architecture and explore its fascinating markets.

Another interesting tourist attraction in Tihama is the old city of Zabid, which was once considered one of the most important cities in Islam during the Middle Ages. This city was also home to many famous Islamic scholars who lived between 8th and 15th centuries AD and had a major influence on various aspects of Islamic culture.

Tihama's history dates back over 2 millennia with archaeological remains from different civilizations found throughout the region encompassing Greco-Roman ruins, Zoroastrian shrines, early Christian basilicas as well as Jewish synagogues. This makes it an ideal spot for history lovers who want to learn more about Yemen's past civilizations up close.