Discover El Tarter

El Tarter is one of the major towns located in the mountain principality of Andorra. Situated in a valley close to the border with France, El Tarter offers a unique opportunity to experience traditional Andorran culture combined with modern amenities.

The town itself has many attractions, such as its resort-style facilities, traditional stone architecture and lively local restaurants and bars. Visitors can enjoy winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing on nearby slopes or unwind at one of several spas located in El Tarter. Meanwhile, during summer months hiking trails lead all around the village and beyond into surrounding highlands that offer spectacular views of nature's grandeur.

Other key attractions include El Tarter's famous mountain lake: Estany Negre (Black Lake), which offers an idyllic spot for swimming, fishing or simply admiring nature; Palacio de Neu (New Palace), a historical building with accompanying gardens; and Caldea Spa & Wellness Centre which offers visitors holistic treatments like massage therapy and hot-spring baths amidst plush interiors inspired by natural surroundings. There are also exciting festivals throughout the year including National Day celebrations every 8th September that involve parades through town centre streets filled with folk music performances from celebrated musicians from around Europe.