Visit Paraná

The Parana River is the second longest river in Brazil and a major tributary of the Amazon. It flows through the southern region of Brazil, forming part of the natural border between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. The Parana River forms a vast wetland system that is home to many species of birds and fish, making it a popular destination for fishing and bird-watching.

For those looking to explore this part of Brazil, one unique place to visit is Foz do Iguacu National Park. Located at the convergence of two mighty rivers - the Parana and Iguacu - this park offers spectacular waterfalls as well as trails for hiking, camping, and rafting.

Another interesting spot along the Parana is Ilha dos Ratos (Rat Island), located in Sao Paulo State near Presidente Prudente city. Its name derives from an old legend about rats that escaped from a Spanish ship on its way back to Portugal hundreds of years ago when it was shipwrecked here during a stormy night.

The history of this river runs deep - archaeological evidence has suggested that indigenous peoples have populated its banks since at least 1000 BC!