Discover Changping

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Changping is a district located in the northern region of Beijing, China. It is home to roughly one million people, making it an important hub for business and industry in Beijing. It is also known as the "Gateway to Beijing", since it is located at the entrance of the Great Wall of China and serves as a gateway between Beijing and other cities in northern China.

The area features lush green parks, historic temples, and various cultural attractions such as Changping Museum which exhibits artifacts from ancient times, along with many national cultural relics from all dynasties dating back to 8th century B.C.. You can also find traditional restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Chinese dishes such as Peking Duck or noodles prepared with local ingredients.

Visitors who like outdoor activities will feel right at home here; there are plenty of hiking trails around Changping that offer breathtaking views of mountains and rivers while providing great opportunities for bird watching or camping. The district also offers visitors several leisure activities such as hot springs resorts that provide relaxing spa treatments and a range of water sports like canoeing and white-water rafting so you can have some real fun during your stay here!