Visit Beijing

21.5 million

Beijing, located in the northern part of China, is a bustling city with a rich history and culture. Tourists from all over the world visit to experience its unique history and culture. The Forbidden City is one of Beijing's most popular tourist attractions; it served as an imperial palace for almost 500 years until the collapse of the Qing dynasty in 1924. The Temple of Heaven is another must-see for tourists; this complex was built in 1420 and was used by emperors to offer sacrifices to heaven and pray for good harvests.

As one of the oldest cities in China, Beijing has some fascinating historical facts. Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008, making it only the second Asian city after Tokyo (in 1964) to host this event. It also contains many famous landmarks such as Tiananmen Square - home to Chairman Mao's mausoleum - and sections of China's Great Wall which stretch across mountains northwest of Beijing.

Beijing is a vibrant city that offers visitors plenty to see, do, eat and explore. From modern shopping malls to traditional tea houses, there's something for everyone here!