Discover Montpellier

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Montpellier is a lively and vibrant city located in the south of France. With its Mediterranean climate, it has become a popular destination for tourists looking to relax and enjoy the warm weather. The city is known for its diverse culture, with many different languages spoken in its streets.

One of Montpellier's main attractions is Place de la Comedie, a grand square in the centre of town that hosts many events throughout the year. It's also home to some stunning architecture, such as the iconic Opera House and Palais de Justice. Other sights worth seeing include Polygone Shopping Centre and the nearby Peyrou promenade, both offering an array of restaurants, bars and shops to explore.

When it comes to experiencing Montpellier's cultural life there are plenty of things to do including attending festivals such as The Festival d'Occitanie or Jazz a l'Escale; visiting museums like Fabre Museum; or simply taking time out in one of its many parks like Jardin des Plantes or Carrefour du Lac du Lez. Whatever you choose you're sure to find something unique in this beautiful part of France!