Discover Roques

4.8 thousand

Roques is situated in the south of France and a bit more than an hour away from Spain and Andorra. The center of Roques hosts a number of interesting sights and attractions that everyone should explore.

The Chateau de Roques is a stunning castle from the 11th century that now serves as a museum commemorating French history. Visitors can also explore Lac du Montagne, an artificial lake created by the famous artist Cesar Manrique. For those looking to immerse themselves in culture, they can take part in local festivals such as La Fete de l'Ecole or La Fete des Fleurs et des Bateaux which are held every summer.

Lastly, visitors should not miss out on trying some delicious traditional dishes at one of the many restaurants near Place Poissonniere Square like Le Petit Chalet or Les Jardins de la Clairiere which serve mouthwatering French cuisine with a modern twist.