Visit East Berbice-Corentyne

East Berbice-Corentyne is a region of Guyana located on the northeast coast of South America. It is bordered by Suriname to the east and has a population of approximately 72,000. This region is known for its rich wildlife, natural beauty and diverse culture. Visitors can explore the various beaches in the area such as Canawaima Falls or visit Moray Island which houses an ancient Amerindian burial ground. In addition to its stunning landscape, East Berbice-Corentyne also has an interesting history. In 1763, a treaty was signed between Great Britain and the Dutch allowing them to occupy two opposite banks of the Corentyne River which divided what we now call East Berbice-Corentyne from Suriname. Today East Berbice-Corentyne continues to attract visitors from around the world for its unique cultural experiences and natural beauty.

Cities in East Berbice-Corentyne

New Amsterdam, Princetown, Skeldon