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Karbala Governorate is located in the historical region of Iraq known as Mesopotamia. As one of the most important hub for Shia pilgrims, Karbala offers a wealth of religious and cultural sites that attract both tourists and locals.

One of the top tourist attractions in Karbala is the Shrine of Imam Hussein, which is one of Shi'a Islam's holiest sites. It was built to commemorate Hussein bin Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad who was martyred in 680 AD during a battle at Karbala. Other popular sights include Abbas Mosque, Zainab Mosque and Mashhad al-Hussein.

The Euphrates River runs through the governorate and provides many recreational activities such as fishing, boating and bird watching. Historical monuments related to ancient civilizations can be found throughout Karbala including Babylonian temples and Sumerian palaces.

Karbala also houses several World War I battlefields which are open to visitors who wish to explore this dark but significant period in Iraqi history. One interesting fact about Karbala relates to its location - it lies on an ancient termite mound!

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Karbala, Al Hindīyah