Visit Canton of Mersch

The Canton of Mersch is situated in the central region of Luxembourg and is home to several picturesque towns, including Eischen, Kopstal, and Leudelange. It is known for its rolling hills and dense forests which offer plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking.

One popular tourist attraction in the Canton of Mersch is the castle ruins at Koerich, which holds a strategic position on top of a hill. The castle dates back to 963 AD when it was built by Count Siegfried I. Visitors can also explore the Musee Drai Eechelen in Luxembourg City or take part in wine tastings at some local wineries.

Another interesting historical fact about the area is that it was once part of Prussia before being annexed by Luxembourg following World War I. Today, it retains its distinct cultural identity and offers plenty to see and do for visitors from all over the world.