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Luxembourg is a tiny, landlocked country situated between Germany and Belgium in the heart of Europe. It’s known for its picturesque scenery with rolling hills, vineyards, rivers, forests and charming towns. Home to a rich cultural heritage, Luxembourg is one of the most prosperous countries in the world and is home to a number of fascinating attractions.

One of the most interesting facts about Luxembourg is that it is the only Grand Duchy in the world. This means that it has its own ruling family, the Grand Duke Henri and the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

When visiting Luxembourg, be sure to explore some of its main attractions such as Bock Casemates – a series of underground tunnels built during the 10th century, Notre-Dame Cathedral – a beautiful gothic masterpiece, Vianden Castle – a stunning castle perched atop a hill overlooking the town of Vianden and Place Guillaume II which features an array of colorful buildings, museums and monuments.

If you’re looking for a hidden gem in Luxembourg, head to Mersch Castle. This 14th century castle was home to many prominent families throughout the years and offers incredible views over the surrounding landscape. Inside you’ll find historical artefacts, interactive exhibitions and even some secret passageways to explore.