Discover Matamoros

Matamoros is a lively city in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. It lies just south of the US/Mexico border, directly across from Brownsville, Texas. Matamoros has a unique mix of culture and architecture, with influences from both Mexico and the United States. The city's main plaza boasts an impressive cathedral and numerous monuments that reflect local history.

Those visiting Matamoros can also experience Mexican cuisine at its finest; some of the city's top restaurants serve up traditional dishes such as tacos al pastor or pozole (a hominy-based stew). Visitors should also explore some of Matamoros' renowned beaches such as Playa Bagdad or La Pesca Beach. Here, visitors can sunbathe on white sand beaches or take part in watersports like jet skiing and paddle boarding.

Finally, no trip to Matamoros would be complete without exploring one of its many markets; here you'll find authentic souvenirs such as handcrafted pottery or brightly colored papel picado (cut paper decorations). With so much to offer -- from historical sites to delicious food to exciting outdoor activities -- it's easy to see why Matamoros continues to attract visitors from around the world!