Discover Apia

61.9 thousand

Apia is the vibrant capital city of Samoa. It is located on the northern coast of Upolu Island and is home to over 37,000 residents. The city has a relaxed atmosphere with a mix of traditional Samoan culture, its colonial past and modern amenities making it one of the most interesting places in the Pacific region.

The main street in Apia, Beach Road, offers plenty for visitors to see and do. Here you can enjoy traditional Polynesian fare at many restaurants as well as some international options. There are also many shops offering local handmade crafts and souvenirs for those looking to take home a piece of Samoan culture.

A must-see attraction in Apia are Robert Louis Stevenson's House Museum and Vailima Gardens which give an insight into his life during his time spent living in Samoa as well as offering stunning views over Apia Bay. For those wanting to immerse themselves further into Samoan culture, a visit to one of their many villages would be ideal where guests can learn about their customs or participate in activities such as coconut husking or tree climbing competitions!