Discover Amphoe Na Mom

Amphoe Na Mom is a city located in the northeast of Thailand, on the edge of Udon Thani province. It is known for its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife. Nature lovers can explore lush green forests and observe rare birds and animals in their natural habitat. The city also has an interesting culture with interesting festivals, such as the annual Elephant Parade which showcases traditional Thai culture and festivities.

Those visiting Amphoe Na Mom may want to visit Wat Phu Tok temple, a hilltop temple that offers panoramic views of the countryside. There are also several local markets where visitors can buy snacks or souvenirs at bargain prices while exploring the area's unique culture. Another must-see attraction is Ban Aeng waterfall which features a large cascading waterfall surrounded by lush forested hillsides where travelers can take in views of rural Thai life or go swimming in its cool clear waters.