Visit Sukhothai

Sukhothai is an ancient city in northern Thailand, and the former capital of one of the earliest kingdoms in Southeast Asia. Once known as "the Dawn of Happiness", it is a major tourist destination today and boasts many cultural relics from its long history. Visitors to Sukhothai can explore its remnants of ancient temples, palaces and monuments that surround the old city walls. The most iconic site is Wat Mahathat, which features a huge central prang (stupa) surrounded by dozens of smaller structures. Other popular attractions include Wat Si Sawai with its unique three-pronged pagoda and Wat Saphan Hin, built on a rocky hilltop. To get a better appreciation for the area's rich culture and history, visitors should also check out some of the museums such as Ramkhamhaeng National Museum or Si Satchanalai Historical Park with well-preserved ruins from ancient times. An interesting historical fact about Sukhothai is that it was founded as early as 1238 by King Ramkhamhaeng who introduced Theravada Buddhism to Thailand while also creating his own alphabet called "Khom Thai" - still used in Thailand today!

Cities in Sukhothai

Sukhothai, Ban Na, Si Satchanalai, Sawankhalok