Visit Illinois

12.7 million

Illinois is a state in the Midwest region of the United States. It's known for its diverse culture, bustling cities, and beautiful natural surroundings. Chicago, the third-largest city in America and the hub of state culture and industry, is located in Illinois.

Visitors to Illinois can find plenty to do year-round. The popular tourist destination Navy Pier is located on Lake Michigan in Chicago and features restaurants, shops, an outdoor theater, and events throughout the year. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum offers visitors a look at this president's life from childhood through his assassination. Visitors can also explore Starved Rock State Park for camping and hiking opportunities or visit Cahokia Mounds for a glimpse into Native American history.

Illinois was an important part of American history due to its role during the Civil War era when it sided with Union soldiers against Confederate soldiers from the South in what was called "The Great Rebellion." In 1865 Illinois became the first state to ratify 13th Amendment which abolished slavery throughout America.