Discover Montevideo

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Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, is a vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life. Nestled on the country's southern coast, it boasts a picturesque blend of colonial Spanish, Italian, and Art Deco styles. The city's Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) is a must-visit, with its charming narrow streets, historic buildings, and the bustling Mercado del Puerto, known for its steakhouses and lively tango performances. Montevideo's Rambla, a 22km-long seafront avenue, is perfect for leisurely walks or bike rides, offering stunning views of the Rio de la Plata. The city is also home to numerous beaches, parks, and plazas, including the grand Plaza Independencia, which houses the iconic Solis Theatre and the mausoleum of national hero, José Artigas. Montevideo's rich cultural scene, friendly locals, and relaxed pace make it a delightful destination to explore.