Discover Bukhara

Bukhara is an ancient city located in the heart of Uzbekistan, considered one of the holy cities of Central Asia. This city dates back to 4th century BCE, and has a rich cultural heritage that has been preserved through centuries. With its winding alleys, minarets and madrasas - Bukhara exudes an air of mystery and beauty that still captivates visitors today.

The Visit Bukhara region holds some iconic sites including the famous Lyabi-Khauz complex which consists of a large pool surrounded by three madrasas, a mosque and two multi-story caravanserais. The ancient fortress known as Citadel Ark is another must see for those visiting Bukhara - it was once the capital's grand citadel before it fell into disrepair during Soviet rule.

No visit to this enchanting city is complete without taking time to explore its legendary bazaars which are full of vibrant colors, unique souvenirs, spices and fabrics from all over Central Asia. Visitors can also experience traditional crafts such as hand-painted ceramics or exquisite jewelry making at workshops around Bukhara's Old City.