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Discover Thimphu

114.6 thousand

Although the Thimphu Valley has supported small settlements for many centuries and a dzong has existed there since 1216, the city didn't really develop until the king declared Thimphu the new capital in 1961. Vehicles first appeared on the streets a year later, and slowly the city began to adapt to its role as the nation's capital. New tree-lined streets are being laid and the clock tower area in the center of the city has been transformed into a park-cum-open air theater where live cultural performances take place. The area around the dzong and government buildings is a particularly green and an attractive district.

Norzin Lam is the city's main thoroughfare and is lined with small hotels and shopping complexes.

Best time to visit

Month Temp (Min/Max) Avg. Weather Touristy Mark
January -3°C / 6°C
February -1°C / 7°C
March 1°C / 9°C
April 5°C / 11°C
May 8°C / 14°C
June 11°C / 16°C
July 12°C / 17°C
August 12°C / 17°C
September 10°C / 16°C
October 6°C / 13°C
November 2°C / 10°C
December 0°C / 7°C