Visit Shanxi

Shanxi is a province in the northeast of China, located at the foothills of the Taihang Mountains. It has a long history and culture, with ancient cities such as Pingyao, home to many well-preserved Ming Dynasty architecture. The area is known for its rich coal reserves, which have powered its economy since ancient times.

For visitors to Shanxi, there are plenty of interesting attractions to explore. In Pingyao you can visit an array of ancient buildings including the city walls and several temples. For something different, try exploring Zhangbi Ancient Castle - an underground fortress built during the Ming Dynasty boasting hidden chambers and passageways accessible only via ladders or rope bridges.

An interesting historical fact about Shanxi is that it was once home to some of China's most powerful empires like Jin and Zhou dynasties who ruled over this region between 1100 BC and 221 BC. This region had been also historically important in terms of political power due to its strategic location near Beijing making it an attractive target for warring factions throughout Chinese history.