Visit Lapland

Lapland of Finland is one of the most beautiful and pristine regions in the world. Located above the Arctic Circle, it covers about a quarter of Finland's total area and borders Norway, Sweden, and Russia. Lapland has a unique landscape, with stunningly beautiful forests, tundra, rivers, lakes and mountains. It also has an abundance of wildlife such as reindeer and foxes.

Tourists looking to visit Lapland can explore its colorful culture in towns like Rovaniemi or visit historical sites such as Pyha-Luosto National Park or Luosto Mining Museum. They can also go skiing at Yllas ski resort or take part in activities such as sledding with reindeer or even take an ice safari on snowmobiles to experience the winter wonderland!

A fascinating fact about Lapland is that it served as an important trading post between Russia and Sweden during the 16th century Swedish-Novgorodian Wars. This legacy has had an impact on their culture today: many locals still speak a language called Meankieli which contains words from both Swedish and Russian languages!