Visit Munster

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The Munster of Ireland is located in the south-western region of the Emerald Isle, and is one of the four provinces that make up the country. The province spans 6 counties, each with its own unique charm, culture and history. Popular tourist spots in Munster include Blarney Castle and University College Cork. While visiting Blarney Castle you can kiss the famous Blarney Stone which is said to give you 'the gift of eloquence'. UCC was founded in 1845 as part of Queen's University Dublin, and today it is a vibrant centre for learning with a stunning Victorian campus.

An interesting historical fact about Munster includes its strong influence from Norse Vikings during medieval times. In 812 AD (AD stands for Anno Domini or "in the year") Vikings sailed up an estuary near Cork City to found a trading post which eventually became known as Cork city!