Explore Romania

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Romania is a beautiful country located in Europe, with stunning landscapes and unique cultural heritage. Its culture is a combination of Latin, Ottoman, Slavic and German influences, making it a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

One interesting fact about Romania is that almost the entire population speaks Romanian, one of the Romance languages. This makes the country easy to navigate for visitors who may not know any other language aside from English.

Romania has many points of interest worth visiting. In Bucharest, visitors must check out The Palace of Parliament, an impressive building made entirely from marble and gold that was built in 1984 by Nicolae Ceaușescu. For history buffs, Romania also offers a variety of castles, such as Bran Castle and Corvin Castle.

For nature lovers, Romania provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and wildlife watching. One must visit the Carpathian Mountains, home to some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes, as well as the Danube Delta, which is the second largest delta in Europe and home to hundreds of species of animals and plants.

For those looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, Romania has hidden gems worth discovering. One such spot is Maramureș County, an old region full of traditional wooden churches, lush green hills and charming villages. It’s a great place to explore traditional Romanian culture while enjoying its picturesque scenery.