Explore Malawi

14.2 million
Kwacha‎ (D) (‎MWK‎)

Welcome to Malawi, a beautiful landlocked nation in southeastern Africa. From the majestic Lake Malawi to the rolling mountains of the Nyika plateau, this country is full of stunning scenery and welcoming people.

Malawi is one of the highest population density rates in Africa, with a population of nearly 18 million people living within 118,480 square kilometers (46,000 sq mi). That's over 150 people per square kilometer!

When visiting Malawi, there are several must-see sites and attractions. The Livingstonia Mission, located near the Nyika Plateau, is the oldest remaining mission station established by Scottish missionaries in 1894. For a glimpse of traditional culture, visit Makano Village for a tour of the local village and artisans at work. And no trip to Malawi would be complete without a visit to Lake Malawi itself - one of the great lakes of Africa - for some amazing snorkeling and fishing.

If you're looking for something more off-the-beaten path, Lupembe Cave should be on your list. This hidden gem is home to one of the most important archaeological sites in the country. Within it, you can find artifacts that date back over two million years, making it a site of great archaeological significance.